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Camera Operating at AFI Fest 2013

Shooting small-business videos with MoPro


Nate Kelly

Figueroa Philly



55,000 views on a Music Video

There wasn’t very much direction for this, so I had to make some up for it as best as I could during the editing. I wanted to follow the push and pull theme that ‘dances’ with the psychology of love, as well as the lyrics and beat of the song.

I created the one digital effect with the photograph, and I also shot all the exteriors on the beach.

Every child is an artist

Here’s a quick look at YDP, the program that we teach kids in. We have over 150 schools all across Los Angeles, and I have been to nearly half of them in the last 4 years. I helped start and shape the video production enrichment which is just one of the many amazing arts we offer.

Working the red carpet Cam @ AFI Fest 2012 presented by AUDI

Christina Hendricks

Kristen Stewart

Alec Baldwin

Marion Cotillard

Stephen Dorff

[GINGER & ROSA q&a] (Camera Operator)

once in a blue moon


Political Spot

Commercial I shot and edited for republican nominee Fred Karger.  Karger is the first
Openly Gay Presidential candidate in U.S. history.

Karger is a Republican political consultant, gay rights activist, and potential 2012 presidential candidate. Karger’s corporate political career has spanned three decades and has included work on nine presidential campaigns. Most notably, Karger served as senior campaign adviser to President Ronald Reagan.

Loophole Media

A 60 Second video of our Video Enrichment program~

YDP’s Video Enrichment

Our boss wanted us to create a promo of what we do from scratch.

designing a new business card



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